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Slovenia Luxury Holidays

Exclusive luxury retreats and experiences
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About Slovenia Luxury Holidays

Slovenia is Europe’s best-kept secret that should be on everyone’s luxury travel bucket list.

You may know this little country for its pristine natural beauty, rich culture, fascinating history, incredible food, and wine — it truly captivates anyone who visits it.

At Slovenia Luxury Holidays, we make sure you experience Slovenia with class. Whether an active and adventurous experience, a delicious gourmet trip, or a cultural classic — we organize a luxury holiday you will never forget.

Indulge yourself by

  • Exploring Slovenia’s magnificent towns and diverse landscapes on exclusive adventures.
  • Enjoying the comfort of high-end boutique accommodations.
  • Savoring the exquisite cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants by world-famous Slovenian chefs.
  • Relaxing in the healing thermal waters of wellness & spa resorts with a long tradition.

Our professional team is passionate about bringing the best of Slovenia to you — that’s why we never prepare our itineraries in advance. We let you choose your travel style, combining it with your wishes, ideas, and interests, making your luxury holiday in Slovenia a wholesome experience.

Would you like to be less or more involved in the planning? Would you prefer a unique combination of the styles we already offer? Would you like to be accompanied by a local guide or enjoy the self-guided tour?

Our main priority is to listen to what you want and make it happen. Whatever you choose, whenever you choose.

This way, you can look forward to exploring — enjoying — savoring — and relaxing — on your perfect luxury holidays in Slovenia.

5 Reasons to Book Luxury Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia stands as a beacon of unparalleled natural beauty in the heart of Europe. From the sophisticated charm of boutique accommodations to the culinary masterpieces of top-tier restaurants. Discover what makes Slovenia a treasure trove of opulent experiences!


1. Boutique Accommodations: Elegance Meets Authentic Slovenian Charm

Revel in sophisticated comfort at Slovenia’s best luxury accommodations.

2. Michelin Style Restaurants: Culinary Odyssey on Every Plate

Indulge in culinary delight in the finest restaurants across Slovenia

3. Superb Wellness & SPA Centers: Rejuvenation Amidst Serene Beauty.

Beautiful young woman receiving massage in spa salon

Immerse yourself in unrivaled relaxation at Slovenia’s top wellness retreats.

4. Only the Finest Transfers: Seamless Journeys, Premium Comfort

Travel in the utmost luxury with Slovenia’s premium transfer services.

5. Endless Nature: Discover Slovenia’s Unspoiled Wilderness Wonders

HDR Soca river

Lose yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Slovenia’s pristine landscapes.

What Makes Slovenia the Ideal Luxury Destination?

Slovenia emerges as Europe’s distinguished destination for those seeking unmatched luxury tours. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from lush valleys to pristine coastlines, provide a backdrop of grandeur for the discerning traveler. 

Beyond the scenic beauty, Slovenia’s opulent heritage shines brightest in its gourmet offerings. Elite travelers will find themselves seduced by the tantalizing creations of the country’s Michelin-style restaurants, where every dish is a masterful blend of tradition and innovation. These culinary havens offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience, promising flavors that dance on the palate and linger in memory.

The epitome of elegance, however, lies in the boutique accommodations that dot Slovenia’s landscape. Crafted for the elite, these establishments provide not just a place to rest, but an immersion into luxury and exclusivity. Every moment in Slovenia is a testament to the nation’s dedication to offering only the finest, ensuring each tour becomes a treasured memory.

"A unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality"

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"Best places to travel 2023"

"Slovenia should be on the top of your travel list"

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Exclusive service

We treat our customers like VIPs by building on a foundation of great communication and always putting our customer’s needs first.

Completely Customizable

Flexibility is our middle name — whether you want more or less, or just beyond ordinary, we’ll make it happen.

Book with confidence

We are a financially protected company, fully bonded and insured, keeping your money safe and allowing you to travel with confidence.

Tried & Tested Experiences

Only the best experiences in Slovenia, cherry-picked by our local team with an in-depth knowledge of the region.


We handle itineraries, accommodations, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy a carefree holiday.

Ready for the time of your life?

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