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Why is Slovenia a Perfect Destination for a Luxury Holiday?

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About Slovenia Luxury Holidays

Slovenia is Europe’s best-kept secret that should be on everyone’s luxury travel bucket list.

You may know this little country for its pristine natural beauty, rich culture, fascinating history, incredible food, and wine — it truly captivates anyone who visits it.

At Slovenia Luxury Holidays, we make sure you experience Slovenia with class. Whether an active and adventurous experience, a delicious gourmet trip, or a cultural classic — we organize a luxury holiday you will never forget.

Indulge yourself by

  • Exploring Slovenia’s magnificent towns and diverse landscapes on exclusive adventures.
  • Enjoying the comfort of high-end boutique accommodations.
  • Savoring the exquisite cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants by world-famous Slovenian chefs.
  • Relaxing in the healing thermal waters of wellness & spa resorts with a long tradition.

Our professional team is passionate about bringing the best of Slovenia to you — that’s why we never prepare our itineraries in advance. We let you choose your travel style, combining it with your wishes, ideas, and interests, making your luxury holiday in Slovenia a wholesome experience.

Would you like to be less or more involved in the planning? Would you prefer a unique combination of the styles we already offer? Would you like to be accompanied by a local guide or enjoy the self-guided tour?

Our main priority is to listen to what you want and make it happen. Whatever you choose, whenever you choose.

This way, you can look forward to exploring — enjoying — savoring — and relaxing — on your perfect luxury holidays in Slovenia.

5 Reasons to Book Luxury Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia stands as a beacon of unparalleled natural beauty in the heart of Europe. From the sophisticated charm of boutique accommodations to the culinary masterpieces of top-tier restaurants. Discover what makes Slovenia a treasure trove of opulent experiences!


1. Boutique Accommodations: Elegance Meets Authentic Slovenian Charm

Revel in sophisticated comfort at Slovenia’s best luxury accommodations.

2. Michelin Style Restaurants: Culinary Odyssey on Every Plate

Indulge in culinary delight in the finest restaurants across Slovenia

3. Superb Wellness & SPA Centers: Rejuvenation Amidst Serene Beauty.

Beautiful young woman receiving massage in spa salon

Immerse yourself in unrivaled relaxation at Slovenia’s top wellness retreats.

4. Only the Finest Transfers: Seamless Journeys, Premium Comfort

Travel in the utmost luxury with Slovenia’s premium transfer services.

5. Endless Nature: Discover Slovenia’s Unspoiled Wilderness Wonders

HDR Soca river

Lose yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Slovenia’s pristine landscapes.

What Makes Slovenia the Ideal Luxury Destination?

Slovenia emerges as Europe’s distinguished destination for those seeking unmatched luxury tours. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from lush valleys to pristine coastlines, provide a backdrop of grandeur for the discerning traveler. 

Beyond the scenic beauty, Slovenia’s opulent heritage shines brightest in its gourmet offerings. Elite travelers will find themselves seduced by the tantalizing creations of the country’s Michelin-style restaurants, where every dish is a masterful blend of tradition and innovation. These culinary havens offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience, promising flavors that dance on the palate and linger in memory.

The epitome of elegance, however, lies in the boutique accommodations that dot Slovenia’s landscape. Crafted for the elite, these establishments provide not just a place to rest, but an immersion into luxury and exclusivity. Every moment in Slovenia is a testament to the nation’s dedication to offering only the finest, ensuring each tour becomes a treasured memory.

"A unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality"

"The 13 best places to visit in Europe in 2023"

"Best places to travel 2023"

"Slovenia should be on the top of your travel list"

"The most exciting places to go in 2024"

Exclusive service

We treat our customers like VIPs by building on a foundation of great communication and always putting our customer’s needs first.

Completely Customizable

Flexibility is our middle name — whether you want more or less, or just beyond ordinary, we’ll make it happen.

Book with confidence

We are a financially protected company, fully bonded and insured, keeping your money safe and allowing you to travel with confidence.

Tried & Tested Experiences

Only the best experiences in Slovenia, cherry-picked by our local team with an in-depth knowledge of the region.


We handle itineraries, accommodations, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy a carefree holiday.
Reina Pope
Verified Customer
I would like to thank Ava and Slovenia Luxury Tours for the meticulous planning that made our trip to Slovenia so memorable. My husband and I have been lucky enough to travel to many, many places in our 56 years together, and we both agree that our trip to Slovenia ranks as one of our all-time favorites. We thought all the hotels were very well chosen. We especially liked AS with its central location, its lovely terrace, its responsive and helpful staff, and its excellent breakfast. The wonderful nearby bakery and the free electric city car service only added to our delight. Thanks to Ava and Slovenia Luxury Holidays, we got the culinary tour of Slovenia we dreamed of. We slept, ate, and drank extremely well - and probably gained ten pounds in nine days, We absolutely loved Strelec (absolute perfection in every category: the cauliflower is to die for), Linhart (all the rich flavors of Slovenia without any of the heft), and Gric (the best duck I've ever eaten in my life, not to mention the goat colostrum dessert)). We found Bled Castle restaurant too touristy (although the view from the terrace while we enjoyed a glass of wine was spectacular). The world renowned Hisa Franko was everything we expected it to be and more, but maybe a tad too precious and over-refined for our own personal taste. For us, the highlights of tour trip were 1) our visit to Postojna Cave (Spectacular! Awesome! Mind-blowing! It was wet and dark and he uneven pavement was difficult for me to navigate, but it was more than worth the effort!) 2) our visit to Predjama Castle (what a architectural feat - building a castle into the side of a mountain!) 3) our car trip through the Alps with scenic stops to view the scenic overlooks, the memorials, and the beautiful and startlingly blue Soca River 4) our walking tour of the "old city" sections of various Slovenian cities and the central market in Ljubljana and 5) our table conversation with Chef Uroš Štefelinat at Linhart 6) our conversation with the youngest of five brothers (an expectant father-to-be) at the family owned winery in Goriska Brda, and 7) all the new wines we got to taste! Our tour guide/driver, Ivana, was beyond superlative. Even though she is a fit mountain climber herself, she was solicitous of our infirmities and patient with our slowness. She answered every question we had - regardless of topic - with charm, candor, passion, intelligence, and deep knowledge - imparting both context and color to everything we saw. She truly made all the difference between a good trip and a great trip. Not only did she tell us many entertaining stories, but her soulful reading of the very stirring poem "A Toast" by France Prešeren touched our hearts and connected us to the Slovenian struggle for sovereignty, We have ordered the three books she recommended (Necropolis by Boris Pahor, And Love Itself and I Saw Her that Night by Drago Jancar) and are anxious to them to arrive so that we can start reading. I unreservedly recommend anyone planning a trip to Slovenia to contact Ava and Ivana ASAP.
Maria Santos
Verified Customer
Hemos disfrutado dos semanas inolvidables en Eslovenia. El motivo: la belleza del lugar y la impecable organización del viaje por parte de Ava, quien ha estado atenta en todo momento a nuestras necesidades. Las rutas sugeridas, los hoteles, las reservas, todo ha funcionado a la perfección y sin contratiempos. Nuestro viaje se iniciaba una semana después de las inundaciones y Ava nos sugirió con la suficiente antelación planes alternativos. Además, dado que nos gusta improvisar en nuestros viajes y llevábamos coche, Ava nos aconsejaba y contestaba en todo momento sin importar la hora, a cualquier cuestión que se nos ocurriera. Es una tranquilidad tener a alguien como Ava en un país extranjero. Mi conclusión: un servicio de primera calidad y de total confianza en un país inolvidable.
Zooz Guerrero
Verified Customer
What a gem in a crown!!! We were booked to go on a luxury cruise of the lifetime for 2 weeks in July, which was CANCELLED a mere week before departure!! In panic we started to look for an adequate replacement. Baring in mind this was at the top of the season, and with so little time to spare we were not holding very high hopes. Then I thought of Slovenia, as this little hidden gem has always been in the back of my mind, and I was always curious to visit, just not as the top of my list. I profoundly apologise for that ignorance and complacency. We found the agency via Google, filled the questionnaire and arranged a video appointment next day. Ava was right from the start very amiable, professional and with excellent knowledge of English. She was taken little a back by the urgency of our situation, but not stirred. From the moment I explained what we were after she took the charge and delivered!! This was not an easy task to say the least, but I felt I could completely trust her with doing her utmost to make this "second best" holiday memorable for us. This assay would be very long if I was to detail the lengths she went into to accommodate us. Slovenia turned out to be one of the most amazing places we have ever visited, organised every step of the way, with a plethora of activities for 12 nights by this wonderful agency!! Nothing was trouble!!! We stayed in three locations to maximise the experience, the accommodation was beautiful, service impeccable, stunning locations, AMAZING food and wine, great flexibility, and all the while, Ava was holding our hands leading us gently through every day. She was ALWAYS available, NEVER rattled by our demands and VERY helpful, knowledgeable and pleasure to talk to. I could go on, and on about this experience till the cows come home!!! The saying "Every cloud has a silver lining " was never more pertinent than in this case. We're completely in love with Slovenia thanks to Ava and her amazing team!!! We will be back!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Katrina Johnson
Verified Customer
Great company, who helped a wonderful hike of Lake Bled. Ava and the guide were amazing! Definitely recommend using this company.
Chema y Maria Jose RR
Verified Customer
Hemos pasado 5 días estupendos en Eslovenia organizados por Ava / Slovenia Luxury Holidays. Desde el principio fue todo fácil y superprofesional. Desde la preparación, con mimo y flexibilidad de opciones para adaptarse a nuestros deseos, hasta pequeños detalles como la app de Trip plans, que ayudó mucho durante la estancia (detalles, ubicaciones y vouchers en un único lugar). El país es increíble y lleno de lugares mágicos que creo que disfrutamos más gracias al buen criterio de Ava en la elección y el orden de descubrirlos. El guía que nos acompañó en algún trayecto (Urban) super profesional, certificado y con gran nivel de idioma. Recomendaríamos sin dudar Slovenia Luxury Holidays a cualquiera que quiera conocer este gran país.
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Why is Slovenia a Perfect Destination for a Luxury Holiday?

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